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About AmAlt Health Labs

Proactively committed to ensuring the health of everyone.

AmAlt Health Labs is the brainchild of Dr. Pierre Beaumier, a thought leader in the world of hair mineral testing and analysis, who wishes to bring proactive trace mineral and toxic metal testing to the masses.

Dr. Beaumier’s world-class process is researched, is thorough and, most importantly, easy to understand.

Dr. Beaumier is the Founder and President of CanAlt Labs in Toronto, Canada and is also a leading expert in breast milk testing for lipids.

AmAlt Health Labs | Experts in Hair Mineral Testing

Our HTMA Scientists

AmAlt Health Labs is committed to combining cutting-edge science with top-of-the-line service.

Dr. Pierre Beaumier

PhD C. Chem – Founder

Dr. Beaumier has over 34 years of analytical chemistry experience and has been at the forefront of innovative testing methods, improvement of analytical accuracy and quality systems and standards.

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